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  • Epic as goals = useless for many (not all) players. If you're someone that uses them, that's great. Certainly CAN be used. But if you're trying to create interest, keep this game "fresh", and engage as many users as possible, this isn't the way to do it. I could not care less about Epic weapons, and don't have a single…
  • lol sorry ... Slot machines. TWD game is one of the "corner" games they are using now to attract players.
  • I joined a guild with this exact intent. Didn't want to download chat apps, participate in discussions, etc. Just play the same exact game the same exact way, only in addition to your solo rewards you get a lot of extra TG and phones along the way. Invaluable. That I ended up meeting several great people, sharing some…
  • Have had several silvers (maybe 6?) and 2 gold. And the silvers were more useful. Spent gold to open extras on the 2 gold jackpots (RSL 23 and RSL 25) and still got mostly green gear. Gold jackpot 1 @ RSL 23: 35k XP; 5 Rare gear (4 22, 1 21); 2 Epic gear (L21 pistol, L22 armor w/ good traits); 1 L22 Legendary pistol (bad…
  • Keep upgrading weapons as you can so you don't drive yourself crazy watching your XP bank sit full and everything you earn disappearing to the ether.
  • I use him as much as possible at higher levels - get about as far as you do with the +4/+5.
  • Not sure why the debate needs to exist about new vs old players at all. In the challenge system, all players are just that - players. Level 10 or Level 63. Doesn't matter. The challenge system itself sorts things out by increasing difficulty to the point that lower level (aka 'newer') players are unable to advance, and…
  • Umm ... am I the only one who didn't receive a notice for this event yesterday? I wasn't on the forums, but played at several points throughout the day and had no clue there was an event until seeing this now.
  • Oh what I would give to be able to tell people that Maggie was my first ... <3 Oh ... legendary hero you meant, sorry! B) Daryl - Jesus - Glenn - Abraham (last 2 just in the last couple weeks) 7 more sitting at Epic but none close to promoting.
  • I know you're seeing your dead wife today, but I'm the dream you have tomorrow.
  • Highlight for me is the community aspects of the game. Didn't really get on the forum until the last few months, but it's opened a new aspect of the game through discussion and shared experiences. Better than that though is meeting some of the people in the guild I stumbled into last year. PatientZero2 (because we had to…
  • Got through all 5 without issues plus a lot of farming. 2 assaults the whole way. 5th level was weird - no fatty at the beginning and only 1 goo in the first wave. Not really much to this one ... kinda blah overall.
  • I always tried to play into the highest levels possible on the Challenges in order to get higher XP rewards. Also, once you get Maggie unlocked her XP bonus is very helpful. I leveled her up as fast as possible so the bonus % increased, then use her in the far left slot (leader) as much as you possibly can. You should see…
  • Just found this ... thanks so much @painclasher and @WeekOne ! Anything to spice up the forums a little is always helpful.
  • Don't like that you have 2 options to escape. Should have to push the box out of the way to get out, not just get back to start. Like the waves that come out to make it a little more challenging, and nice for farming if desired. Could change my tune at levels 3-4-5, but overall feels a little uninspired and seems too easy,…
  • Was coming on to post the same question myself, so thanks @David_H79 for the answer. So I'm a L61 player with 6.5M tomatoes currently in inventory. I need another 17 bazillion tomatoes for Council, training ground, and workshop upgrades. I'm playing Level 23 challenge missions and not getting any supplies. On an extended…
  • I also had RikiKoiven and his always stun resistant blockers, but looks like the fix did the trick. Back to getting random draws the way i would expect.
  • Agreed - I'm not seeing TGT either
    in TG Tuesday Comment by sicarius June 2017
  • Finally got past this after sitting on it for months! Always got stuck on the freeman hunters, but hadn't ever considered using a bruiser until this thread. Thanks everyone! I know more levels aren't coming soon, but man do I really miss this part of the game. It's an entirely different challenge and strategy, plus would…
  • Agree with a lot of this - especially the comment about the different sound effects. Had been playing on mute but switched over and immediately got the ringing phone. Nice touch! Definitely like the map, the frequent spawns, and the chance to farm some XP in a logical, not too stressful manner. And also using Glenn up…
  • Should we assume from the non-answers that badges can't/won't be awarded to players who are trying to get credit for previous completions?
  • There's another thread where some have posted 25 call results and included some ratio data. A couple things: - I only made 7 platinum calls and have now returned to 15 - From the 15s I've made I am receiving exactly the same token ratios I did before 25 was rolled out. I don't see any evidence of nerfing the 15s. Went back…
  • Thanks for another community event. They do help keep things fresh, and are appreciated. The tokens and TGs are definitely worth playing for, but Epic weapon is already on the 'pending scrap' list ... :(
  • I actually prefer the new times: - Like being able to start the challenge earlier on Thursday. Gives a few more hours to get farther into things before the weekend which is often busier and harder to play uninterrupted. - Like that the challenge end time is synced with the survivor trait end time. Yes, there are other ways…
  • Like it, and ok with min 32 guaranteed hero tokens. It's better than 15x2 and hope to hit at least 32, so that works. Would prefer the minimum 'standard' token be raised to 128 as opposed to seeing so many 32s as options to the heroes. In the event you get a hero you don't need/want, taking away only 32 class tokens is not…
  • Can you elaborate?
    in Cheat Comment by sicarius June 2017
  • Do a quick forum search and you will find many, many threads that mention the phenomenon of the disappearing phone.
  • Yes - prior to 2.6 I was at L60 (620 out of 1350) and had not fully upgraded my radio tent.