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  • 8 Platinum calls so far: 1. Glenn 128; Rick 32; Warrior 32 2. Hunter 32; Warrior 32; Dwight 32 3. Bruiser 32; Assault; Tara 128 4. Glenn 32; Scout 32; Shooter 32 5. Hunter 128; Jesus 32; Assault 32 6. Carol 128; Shooter 32; Warrior 32 7. Hunter 32; Carol 32; Hunter 32 8. Assault 128; Rosita 128; Abraham 32 In my world Rick…
  • I realize there isn't anything else going on at NG HQ right now, but just realizing these badges are available. I've played and finished every level of every side mission. If possible, could someone please check my player account and add the badges? Thanks!
  • I won't upgrade a rifle unless it has wide bore. Makes such a huge difference when playing against tougher enemies. Without it, I always end up with a couple leftover enemies who invariably cause damage / require extra attention the level strategy doesn't afford.
  • Seeing all these makes me less annoyed about missing the gold jackpots. Sheesh ... glad I didn't spend gold to open all the chests.
  • 951 stars earned - zero golden jackpots seen. Did have 5-6 silvers in there, but then a lot of that was woefully inadequate rare gear that was immediately scrapped. I agree about Dim Forest. It's one of the least enjoyable challenges, so I think that played a role the dampened enthusiasm this week.
  • Just soooo hard to move up to another tier winning only 10 influence at a time. And it's only for an additional 1000 TG, so limited motivation.
  • Congrats @Terminates! From a hard core FTPer who has found a few of your videos most helpful!
  • Without seeing your original thread it's tough to agree or disagree. But to be fair, this is their game, and their forum. They have paying customers, but they are also a business. And a business is only going allow so much of a certain type of negative posting before they take some degree of action in their own forum. And…
  • So you're saying these requests are going to a literal genie?
  • If a player is trying to move up a tier and needs to gain prestige, the only way to do so is to go after the defenders. (personally, I'm @ 4200ish and not spending the time or effort to move up, but I know many others are) It's not realistic to expect someone to spend TG to start the outpost mission, then play the until…
  • While I don't disagree with what you're saying, my guess is because this forces us to acquire and level up new weapons/gear, which in turn requires more resources. It ensures we still need to gain XP/tomatoes and don't have as many players sitting around fully maxxed out.
  • More gold & silver vs the jackpot. (and it would be better if we could remove crappy Rare gear from the gold crates - possibly the most disappointing "reward" in the game!)
  • Fear the Walking Bugs ... coming soon!
  • My 15s are yielding about the same as they always have, but agree the phones are dropping less.
  • Wonder why Abe bonus worked for some but not others? I used several 10 calls on Abe day. Got 32 once and 16 2-3 other times, so it was working for me. Would think a proper troubleshoot process might show a common thread for those that only got 10 and maybe yield a fix?
  • No tokens, no gold, and a L21 Epic Rifle that will only be scrapped is a big disappointment. Is it better than nothing? Sure. But it's not a stretch to think that the next level reward would be something that's actually good/useful. Free gifts are nice, but you would expect the "final round" gift to be better than the…
  • Any luck? Our original guild - PatientZero - ran into this problem. We changed leaders, spent 100s of gold, contacted Support numerous times with no fix or result. We finally ended up creating a new guild (PatientZero2) and migrating our members there. Recruiting worked great afterwards, but unfortunately cost us our guild…
  • It's fixed! Game on!
  • I haven't been able to get on at all today - always get the maintenance message. But holy crap ... 2 weeks??? That seems excessive even in the worst case scenario. I would think they have a system snapshot/database backup of the last known good version that could be re-implemented if the update goes sideways, but not all…
  • This would be awesome as a one-off "special" move on a level. Jumped on to see if there was any chatter about the eternal maintenance mode. I was anxiously tapping the screen at before 6am this morning as the countdown timer went to 0 ... and then just a maintenance note. Then the timer came back ... followed by the…
  • Not sure why everyone is unhappy people go after their defenders AND TGs? The only way to increase tiers is by adding the influence points gained by taking out all the defenders. So if I want to get my tier higher, it's not enough to just take the nicely laid out TGs (which, in most of my raids, are NOT nicely laid out).…
  • ... and I'm an idiot. I beat it on HARD, not Nightmare. Sorry guys.
  • I finally beat 14.5 a few days ago but had been stuck there forever (even before the update). Update definitely made it harder. Think I used a L20 shooter and 2 assault. Staggered the stun charge usage to get past the guy at the gate. Used either Rosita or Abe in the Leader slot to get the increased power.