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  • @Fluxxx Could you provide a little more info with regards to badge reroll mechanics? For example, if I have a badge in slot 1, and reroll it and get it in slot 3, but I'm still not satisfied with the slot and reroll again, is there a possibilty that I can get it in slot 1 again or is slot 1 out of the pool of…
  • I don't think red gas is going to be addressed until GW is out of Beta. That's just my opinion, it isn't based on anything NG has said.
  • @Fluxxx Sure, here are the details on my old AF phone: - Moto E4 - Android 7.1.1 When it does it, it usually pops up a window saying that the app has stopped responding and asks if I would like to close it or wait. If I choose wait it starts responding shortly thereafter and then performs OK for awhile (sometimes for the…
  • I’m seeing this as well on Android.
  • Great question. Your other trait suggestion of SS leads me to believe that you’re leaning towards something with Piercing. I think there might be two paths: Focus on Piercing or focus on setting MF’ers on fire...
  • The armor I have on her currently is Gold Iron Skin, Gold Dodge, and Silver Health. Good call on the CA trait, I don’t usually consider it on a class other than Hunters, but on Tara it really makes sense.
  • On a hero Bruiser, I agree. On a survivor Bruiser that has attained 80% DR without help from the Iron Skin trait (or armor), it makes sense to sub in a trait like Strong, Power Strike, or maybe even Follow Through especially now that Bruiser charged attacks are guaranteed Crits.
  • I think it should be removed not because it's unfair, but because to me it seems kinda goofy and not in the spirit of what GW is "trying" to be. I don't think it's a cheat by any means and don't blame anyone for leveraging it. I've been consistent in this view going back to the original GW where you could dogpile the PvP…
  • I’m of a different mind. I’m enjoying not being tied down to dragging around (in most cases) a boat anchor.
    in Star Hero Comment by tabernac March 2020
  • > @MudMoccasin said: > Totally non sequitur to the question in this post, but..... can anyone please tell me if traits that I reroll on a Hero that I put in my Outpost would be effective when my post is raided? For example, if I Re-Rolled one of Negan's traits and replaced aforementioned trait with Punish and make him my…
  • So the winning NW team used an infinite gold back?
    in NW Scam Comment by tabernac March 2020
  • Has there been a post about what the teams are and the players that are on the teams? I remember in seasons past someone made a cool video with all of that information.
  • I agree, it’s unacceptable. I won’t misread it as flying co-working. Don’t let those days be over...
  • What is the the boost difference in her Leader Trait from level 6 to level 7? Just curious because it'll probably never happen for me either...
  • A streak of 10 consecutive Outpost defense victories has been stopped in it's tracks by some scrub named @BloodyChainsaw. I heard this dude wasn't even any good... B)
  • > @jrodrf2 said: > I went with the reroll tokens. Still gotta beef up a few heroes. (Carol's almost there...) > > Am I the only one that feels stun resist is absolutely non-negotiably a must have gold trait for bruisers? My bruiser has to occupy that fatty while my scouts/warriors slice and dice him up. The strapped…
  • If I didn't use him for Outpost defense, I'd mirror Alpha's traits and keep him out of harms way in GW.
  • Do you have a tanky Bruiser with a gold Razor and Interrupt weapon? That map is tough if you don’t have a mechanism to temporarily stop the Fattie.
  • If just that was changed, under the current system in which everyone gets to play equally, the war would span 16 days. Not saying that’s necessarily bad, just pointing it out.
  • I don’t have a screenshot, but the most common traits that I’ve seen in the other Sharpest Weapons Bundle are: Staff: Gold Razor and Concussion, Silver Lucky Spear: Gold Razor and Swift Strike, Silver Destructive Knife: Gold Razor and Swift Strike, Silver Threat Reduction
  • The "Dead Horse" map I mentioned earlier:
  • > @Artminius said: > We could use this thread to name them! :smile: There are definitely a few that spring to mind in terms of what I call them. "Dead Horse Map" for example. :p
  • To be clear, this would only happen at max level. If by some chance you aren’t up to your eyeballs in gear with this trait when you reach max level, you’ll get another crack at it any time there is a Council upgrade since you won’t be at max level again for a period of time. I don’t use the trait and despise it, but I…
  • @WellyLuga Makes some great points. In GW I used a Warrior to kill walkers primarily and Gabe as a closer if anything is left standing. If he couldn’t close and got hit, then Retaliate would seal the deal. My GW style was rip through it as fast as possible and soaking up a hit or two was usually baked into the cake, I…
  • That would be my choice, but you may have a different style. I could see keeping Power Strike if you were going to use a Bruiser as a battering ram and have Gabe follow with a spear perhaps. It may make sense to see how GW is structured first before rerolling. In the old GW it was all about going hard and fast so a static…
  • If this is a GW build I'd reroll Power Strike for Lucky so that his Dodge is even further enhanced. Then load him up with DR and Health badges!
  • How open would folks be to reducing the multiple missions per RSL totally at this point? We dropped from three to two at the higher levels, and IMO it can drop to one...
  • Not just isolated to you. I'm also an Android user and saw this today as well.
  • I believe that's right. I collected my 12th Day RGG tokes on the 23rd. So I got my 12 days of Christmas gifts, they just didn't run through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Needless to say, my feelings aren't hurt at all. Even though I didn't partake in any of them, I think the bundles today are way above average and a…