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  • I didn’t notice until I was past 610. 
  • It is NOT fixed. Still says begins 12h 3s Fixed is when it is currently working and ALL have been compensated.
  • Seems that the tokens clock for weekly is stuck at 12h 3s
  • Just like last week, I was sitting at the top 1% and got top 5% reward of 300 and not 400. And, wtf we thought the last 2 were too easy, so “here try this”. Talk about extremes!
  • Just like last week, I was sitting at the top 1% and got top 5% reward of 300 and not 400. And, wtf we thought the last 2 were too easy, so “here try this”. Talk about extremes!
  • Just like last week, I was sitting at the top 1% and got top 5% reward of 300 and not 400. And, wtf we thought the last 2 were too easy, so “here try this”. Talk about extremes!
  • There really is no valid excuse for not at least refreshing the map after every war for spectators. It’s an even more of an absolute mess trying to see where people have attacked than it was before. I guarantee if the problem existed around the ability for folks to make purchases, nothing else would be even looked at until…
  • After breaking down the map, I give a big gee thanks for nothing. While you don’t have to wait for areas to be open, in the case of our guild the number of attacks available for our abilities has been drastically reduced. We usually have 5-7 players a battle with a good number in the +2 starting level and +4 level. Attacks…
A lot of assumptions were made in that calculator based on map. I wonder when we’ll see the actual points per mission and bonus points for sectors. just an example based on points shown on example map. if you have 2 beginners that are in the Bonus / Island 1 ability, it will be more beneficial for them to use 32…
  • Love it. Did you make assumptions or did you have inside information? the example map shows bonus areas as L27-L29. So either you assumed this sample map was for L27 survivors or someone told you? Or maybe bonus maps are player level-1? I started looking to modifying spread sheets but came searching to find out if map was…
  • Wow that map is really all over the place with the levels. Islands 13 and 14 (seems odd) positioned where they are means people could be looking all over to see what sectors folks started. Strange placement / numbering for the levels. Communication among members will be key I’m sure. We are a casual guild with varied…
 So 18 total attacks No waiting on others. 24 attacks to get to 8 attack sector. 😂 I was hoping that one person could clear a whole island. So if not there still has to be coordinated effort between players in islands. The coordinating of efforts is a love-hate relationship for me! Hopefully the individual rewards on…
  • So the locked sector in the island has 8 missions and provides greater rewards. How many missions in each of the sectors that unlock it? Are there separate bonuses for clearing the sectors and the islands? How many attacks will people have? a good number of you will see where the follow up question(s) and comments are…
  • Thanks for the input guys, Especially @Gothgul that was really helpful. Although you confused me by saying that there was no room for IS. And after extensive searching I found that when @JayZ lists the must haves that they are not in order of importance (or maybe they are). Especially for Heroes. I saw that I should…
  • As well as DR, I guess I should have asked for a link that best describes the max increase for all traits and the calculation. That is what is the max increase for Health? is there one? or damage, critical damage, etc? I have found some that say if weapon gives 10% DR, armor gives 15%, and your iron skin is at 16% that…

I'm at a loss! I've seen charts to help calculate what percentage you are at for different traits. but I have had no luck searching for the posts and or diagrams that help with calculating your percentages. Would love to see a section added here or maybe someone can reply with a link to the post that bests…
  • Thanks @Steeboon! I found it eventually. It was a hot mess with my iOS 13 and the issues with display and swapping in and out survivors. Maybe it’s better now that it appears that issue has been fixed on the back end.
 Well I hear that it’s not an issue with the newest unproven iOS 14.0.1. Personally I’m not updating to that until 14.1 At least it’s not like when Android users updated to Android 10 and couldn’t even get the game to run! 😜
  • Where is this GW Defenders Screen you speak of in #3 and #4? how do I get there? all I have is outpost defender selection.
  • Wow! Basic rule of programming: Don’t break things that aren’t broken! refresh issues when choosing/swapping mission team members. Have to “x” out and come back in to see change. and when I change weapons on survivors the whole screen gets garbaged and have to completely restart game. iPhone iOS 13 rebooted—same…
  • We are pretty damn sure it’s the guy we booted. We added everyone’s challenge stars and it equaled the total for the guild for this challenge. Usually when we’ve booted someone, at the end of the challenge the total includes those we booted! Just trying to see if there is a mod or someone that can verify that our…
  • > @Paste said: > I left a guild once to test something and my GW stats were reset when I came back minutes later. > > Not sure I checked the one in the profile, but the guild top list showed me as 0. I just checked the leaderboard for our Guild and it shows they have 65 GW VPs there and they haven’t been in a single battle…
  • > @Fluxxx said: > This feedback has come up a couple of times. We'll definitely discuss how we can address this! Thanks guys! I do not envy your task of sorting through all the posts and sorting through the good, bad, and ugly! Keep up the good work!
  • @Fluxxx Will members be able to observe a battle they are not fighting in? I think my question was just answered. Now that first battle is full, it shows spectate button!
  • @Burmeliinis fantastic response! And Thank You!
  • @Firekid Thanks! But a link to sort through a game update post isn’t very player friendly. The bullet points in that post should have been in the how to play screens in game. That answers my max per battle question. But it doesn’t touch my other questions.
  • Is there some where that explains the 22 hour battle? In old one battles lasted about an hour. Can players go in an play whenever they want during the 22 hours. Can I play some. Stop. Come back later. Repeat. Until attacks are used up? Do all players have to coordinate a start time somehow and start at the same time? Did…
  • Wow start times SUCK for US players. 2:30am for East Coast? Damn it was hard enough for us to get folks together when it started hourly on the weekends! Pretty disturbed. 1st my truck loads of gas saved from last wars are useless and gone. Now times I’ll never be able to play. Why even bother with this if you really don’t…
  • Thanks for all the wasted 2X XP while my TomCans are depleted, XP is maxed, council is upgrading, and have nothing to spend XP on! All the extra play works for me, but I have to agree with others it would really suck if I couldn’t play until the weekend.
  • Am I going to regret starting weekly challenge again? I assume that passes are gone, and none will be added. Compensation will be awarded how?