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  • Oh i get it, thats not my point about the post. Im just looking for action that they actually fix stuff. All the "improvements" have hurt the game and the underhanded changes not mentioned are alarming, so im all about them putting their money where their mouth is.
  • My Guild Slicknines stand with u.
  • Got my 10 radios for this pretty little gem..,wtf gonna stop now.
  • I just think at this point, the puppet masters have worn out their lab rats. I'm trying to grindout these tomatoes so i can upgrade my council, but its starting to get old. The idea of fiddling with too much. I'm curious to see how they address the token situation, the silencer issue being rolled down from 60 to 30, and…
  • I want my 3 choices of survivors that are 3 star or higher. Thats what im spending rare radios for. Seriously 8 tokens that i cant use for anything else, like my hunter tokens i cant use for daryl. Smh.
  • Yeah why would you get anything less on 15 radio calls than 32, but I got a maggie 32 and a glenn 8, wth. That shouldn't be the case.
  • @RickGrames Its better than 1. New weapon system with weapon tokens from scrapped weapons 2. Nerfed outpost gold reward so it doesnt give you gear or weapons anymore 3. Random Tokens available to buy with gold with same ratio as radios 4. Weapon damage different for various weapon type (i.e..a bat does less damage than a…
  • 1. Doing something with the memorial, i.e. tokens for the lost survivors 2. Changing tent upgrades similar to how tomato plants were adjusted. 3. New weapon system 4. Ability to visit other camps and trade 5. 2 New zombie types 6. Ability to have weapons to stun big walker 7. 2 new classes, archer and technician (like a…
  • For me its the stunned dodge that drives me crazy. I bruiser hit the bruiser with lucille and miss shooter charge twice ,then miss with assult rifle 4 times, then i miss with bruiser and now hes awake stuns me, dodges another round of bullets then offs my entire party. Then i throw my tablet.
  • I've been playing this game for a long time now I've noticed one consistent thing for each update we always lose something. We wanted to get rid of the zero trade goods in The Outpost and now we're maxed at 550 trade goods We wanted PVP and now we battle bots We didn't like the legendary weapon we could buy with trade…
  • It was after an update. When you log back in you would have gotten for supplies and an extra Survivor slot so I ended up just waiting before I accepted it I closed out my ass and when I restart it I was able to select it later before the time ran out to update I think it was like 5 days or something but I do believe that…