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  • A Daryl Addixon Guild: Lee - Level 42: November 2015 - June 2016 Daryl - Level 45: October 2015 - July 2016 (Founder) Corey - Level 37: October 2015 - July 2016 (Co-Founder) Azriel - Level 51: December 2015 - July 2016
  • Have my new phone. It is Marshmallow 6.0.1. I can play again
  • I have lost 313 influence since I haven't been able to raid for two weeks. It is to the point now where I am having to restart after every turn. Needless to say, I did not play at all last week.
  • My new phone is listed from the factory with Android 5.1.1. My old phone was running KitKat, so I was hoping an upgrade to a Lollipop device would fix the problems. (My carrier says it is coming with Marshmallow, so I won't actually know until it gets here.)
  • ...And it is back to lagging. Really hope my new device will be compatible. Should get here Monday. Samsung Galaxy J3 running Marshmallow. I have gotten 0 stars this week. After restarting the first mission 8 times, I just gave up and decided to wait for my new device. If my new device is not compatible, I believe I will…
  • @masmith93 Rat snakes tend to get bigger than garter snakes. Garter snakes are not as aggressive towards other snakes. Despite being non-venomous, a rat snake will actively attack and kill any snake it considers an invader in its territory including rattle snakes and copperheads. Garter snakes tend to flee and only fight…
  • I completely still cannot do raids either. Too darn laggy. The stop and restart app is down to once a mission rather than 4-8.
  • @Jester I believe that is a rat snake. Rat snakes are non-venemous and good. Why are they good? Well, other than eating rodents, they are territorial and keep the poisonous snakes away. If one must have a snake in the garden, a rat snake is preferred overt a rattler or copperhead.
  • I do believe some of the characters in American Horror: Freak Show were derived from that film.
  • I NEVER buy consumables (XP, gold, gas, equipment, etc) in any game. I occasionally buy "permanent" items like costumes. I have a rational issue with paying real money for irrational things. Pixels on a screen are irrational. They are not tangible. When the game loses popularity and eventually gets mothballed (as all games…
  • I have a home based leather crafting business. I often play while waiting on a dyed item to dry or need to take a break from the fine work like stitching and tooling.
  • Jester uses Guy and Dude interchangeably when it comes to me. Look! It's @Jester about to beat a random guy with a stick!
  • There is also the chance @jester is lurking to see when I post just so he can say, "That guy," whenever I comment. It seems to be a thing with him. No matter what I say, his response is always, "That guy." The only exception is when the comment I make has something to do with rum. That said, I have a head cold. Mixing a…
  • @Teeceezy: I am continuing to sort of play on Bluestacks until my new phone comes in. I would like to report a situation change. The game is still laggy and graphics messed up. However, since the cinema patch, I have noticed that I can play most missions all the way through without encountering the "end turn" button going…
  • @MikeyJ: In challenges, if End Turn disappears, close the ap and restart. It will reopen on your turn and the End Turn button will be back / working. Yes, it is time consuming and annoying, but it is the only work around that keeps you from getting injured due to moving into range without overwatch.
  • @Pig There are other emulators out there. Bluestacks, Handy Andy, Gennymotion, and a ton of others are Android emulators. I am sure iOS emulators exist. Since I have never had an iOS device or Mac computer, I am not familiar with Apple systems and never felt the need to research emulators for them. Run a Google search for…
  • It depends on how the game progresses and when you force stop. IF you force stop before the turn would end, the game usually resumes where you left off OR one turn previous. If you use the last AP to finish the turn and then force stop due to lag, the game resumes at the end of the enemy's movements. So, If Furginator took…
  • @Teeceezy: No rush fixing this. I am getting a NEW device (the Note 5 I got in February was a refurbished). I am getting a Samsung J3 running Adroid 6.x.x (Marshmallow). I honestly think the problem is with the Android version Bluestacks is emulating. It emulates KitKat (4.4.2) . I think the latest Marshmallow update is…
  • @Teeceezy: Same in game as here, TheBlueBox Level 41 Guild A Daryl Addixon @Pig @Eykayn if using iOS, the Game Store from Apple saves your game data on the Cloud. Bluestacks emulates Android and uses Google Play Games to store data on the Cloud. Due to the different save game servers, you would have to use the Link Device…
  • @masmith93 That's not Freddy. THIS is Freddy.
  • @Eykan Immediately after I download new updates, I restart my device / computer (if running Bluestacks). Force stopping and clearing data / cache is the first thing I try when stuff like this happens. Uninstalling and reinstalling is the second. If none of those work, I seek support. Thing is, this is happening on both my…
  • @eetu Out of sheer curiosity, I downloaded Hardware Info as the incompatible device thread required. It turns out I was right about Bluestacks 2 TV emulating Android KitKat. It is actually emulating a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the predecessor of the device I got in February. I also noticed in the incompatible megathread that…
  • Yep. I have to restart the app at least 3 times every mission to get it to work. @eetu You really should consider supporting Bluestacks. It emulates an older version of Android that many players with older devices still use when accessing the game. Personally, I no longer use Bluestacks. When I first started playing back…
  • 1) Am female 2) Am married 3) It's about 30 miles, but I work events in his part of the world about once a month.
  • @SlickRick We are freaking neighbors relative to the rest of the world. I already told you what events I will be working. Just sayin...
  • I can't do outposts at the moment anyway due to lag. I have to force close and restart at least 3 times every mission in order to finish. the End Turn button stops responding. Until that is fixed, I cannot hope to do a single raid.
  • Now, that is messed up. I do see 85 rather than 80. I just checked.
  • my outpost was 77 before update. It is now 80. Old formula was : (sum of defender levels) + (#special walkers x walker pit level) (14+14+14)+(5 x 7) = 42 +35 = 77 @DLick , if your formula is correct, then my outpost should be higher than 80 : A = 2 B = 14 C = 3 D = 14 E = 15 F = 42 (2 x 14) + (3 x 14) + 15 + 42 = 28 + 42 +…