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  • Wait, huh? I always thought you needed to move into the shot like Happy Gilmore's swing. That extra momentum generates a POWER POWER POWER STRIKE. I need to read the forums more, learn something new everyday.
  • Currently, at RSL 30 and above, it's 4 tier repeatables, instead of the usual 3 tier repeatables. What if they were to move the 4 tier repeatable down to +6 (or whatever) of the maximum survivor level possible. Pre 2.6 with level 21 survivors being …
  • @Gindy I thought I was crazy when I first saw it. Perhaps my revenge shooter had an action point left. Purposely set this situation up to test it. I'm still crazy, but not because of this.
  • The Revenge trait also triggers when a Freemen/Savior gets attacked.
  • @NCDawgFan no offense but please, you can ask/complain about ranged problems in another thread. As the title lays out, this is specifically about what hapened to warriors. Some of us use warriors a lot and this is a serious problem to us.
    in Warrior nerf Comment by unum June 2017
  • Mods, still waiting to hear the status of the warrior nerf. You already said you've had days to look into it. What did you find? Is it a bug? Was it intended? Any sort of communication would help.
    in Warrior nerf Comment by unum June 2017
  • I've tested it again this morning. It only seems to happen against non-normal walkers (armored, tanks, exploders, etc). You can test yourself by trying warriors on "The Odds" or "Something Useful". I get non-stop body shots again…
    in Warrior nerf Comment by unum June 2017
  • I've been playing around with it this morning. It appears to be happening only against non-normal walkers (armored, exploder, tank, etc). My warrior is non-stop critical hitting normal walkers but hits like a fly against special walkers. Any word on…
  • @Invader I guess we have to adapt to survive. I'm a heavy warrior, all melee team player usually, especially at higher levels. That isn't going to work as of right now. Now it's time to scramble. I don't want to, but I have to until this gets sorted.
    in Warrior nerf Comment by unum June 2017
  • Yes, some level 21 players are still wanting to go back to how level 20's begin. Start at RSL 14 with tiers starting at RSL 19. This has been talked about ad infinitum previously. If NG were to actually get the scaling figured out properly this isn'…
  • Don't make me sleep walk through 2 levels of 19. Fix the way health/damage scales.
  • @Teeceezy it makes me curious if any of your play testers play with warriors? Does the development team use a testing framework? Unit tests? Functional tests? Regression tests? How does this go unnoticed? My 7 star bruiser hits harder than my 9 star…
    in Warrior nerf Comment by unum June 2017
  • I tested my bruiser. The only difference I noticed was that my level 21, seven star bruiser was hitting for more damage than my level 21, 9 star warrior. Hmmmm
    in Warrior nerf Comment by unum June 2017
  • @Invader that's makes me wonder. Is it happening for all melee classes? Hard to test scouts with the buff they have now. I'll try some bruisers and check. This is ridiculous.
    in Warrior nerf Comment by unum June 2017
  • I'm not seeing the body shot problem as much. What I am seeing is how weak the warrior attack has become. The image is after my level 21, nine star warrior attacked a level 22 exploder with a normal attack. That warrior was able to take down lever 2…
  • @Shut_Up thanks for pointing that out. I know I had remembered reading something about it somewhere. Still waiting for 'soon'.
    in Warrior nerf Comment by unum June 2017
  • @Shut_Up can you point to where they acknowledged it? I can't find that thread. Thanks.
    in Warrior nerf Comment by unum June 2017
  • @Teeceezy something is definitely not right with warriors after the update. The first photo I've attached is after my Level 21 NINE star warrior critical hit a level 23 exploder. The second photo is after a charged 2 hit attack on a level 23 explode…
    in Warrior nerf Comment by unum June 2017
  • @Avengers this one is a continuation of the one posted above. This is after a hit and a retaliation (83% of base damage) hit.
    in Warrior nerf Comment by unum June 2017
  • @painclasher or it's that you've been unhelpful and baiting these last 3 days. You've earned them.
  • This is the result of my level 21 9 star warrior hitting a level 22 exploder.
    in Warrior nerf Comment by unum June 2017
  • @Avengers my overall guess is that it's tied to the body shot problem. It's just easier to notice once you start getting body shots. I have a 9 star warrior (yes, nine) that could easily take down level 23 fatties in one hit pre-update. Today I coul…
    in Warrior nerf Comment by unum June 2017
  • @Warlord you can and should challenge NG for this. Just don't think you're alone. They have a massive game on their hands that I don't think they had fully planned for it's explosive growth. They need to balance end gamers, new gamers, server scalin…
  • @Teeceezy @zbot @Shteevie prepare for the storm tomorrow. I worked in software, I don't envy you one bit at this point.
  • @Invader of course radios are always cool to get. I would never complain about getting more of them. I think I also see NG's side it in that more radio's means not only less $$$'s for them (that's something I don't want to get into here) but also th…
  • @Invader I agree on that. It's just that I often see high end players complaining about NG not doing stuff to please them without even thinking about the low end players they are trying to onboard. A newish player is going to want to play with heroe…
  • @Invader I think you're only looking at it from a high end player. What survivor level are you at currently? I just recently started an alt account. It's low level but I use the heroes I've unlocked all the time in the challenges. Rare Daryl beats t…
  • @zbot Thanks for clearing that up so quickly. You guys rock. Looking forward to 2.6
  • Making inane comments in a games forum is definitely a first world issue. ;-)
    in OCD fix Comment by unum May 2017
  • Maybe just have an entirely different screen if you get 18/18. "Congrats! You've finished the round perfectly." or you get "You've passed, but you are leaving stars behind."
    in OCD fix Comment by unum May 2017