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  • Yes, the walkers behind my survivor (still at the gate), and the enemy assault came in front of me and shot my survivor and the walkers. By the way, he can shoot from a distance, he take cover too. Why he run in front of me instead of just shot. Just curious. (I play in town map, which the gate in the middle and the TG is…
  • Hey, I just noticed that the defender attack their own walkers, anyone experienced the same thing?
  • @zbot ok sir. Off topic. Thanks anyway for any answered questions
  • @ezekiel not really. I can get about 120 stars per week (because I only have lvl 10/11 survivors). I made a clan for myself to take 3-4 phones. Do you have any guild?
  • Thanks for your explanation
  • Ok. Got it. I'll be careful in hard mode then.. Thanks
  • Thanks for your help guys. @Top8dog, what do you mean game over? Instant hospital or instant lose survivor? I hope it hospital..
  • So overwatch is a dumb thing. Ok. Other question, Is there any chance that my survivor will gone forever by dying? Like special mission or something? Thanks anyway
  • Oh 1 thing, let's say the lucky trait said up 10%. I have marksman (10%). Does it improve the marksman to 20%? not 11%??
  • @Jaden I welcome all opinion.. You have the point, the others get point too. I agree with you, I just take him for a little while, because I only get rare shooter with double dodge and marksman (not sure shot). Oh, I have epic hunter with double dodge, iron skin and marksman, so I just wait to see her last trait.. Will…
  • Thanks for the help guys. I'm still trying any possibility. Just play for about 3 weeks. I still "blind", don't know everything about outpost or good/bad traits or survivor mode (attack, defend, and I don't know about the last stance) in outpost. Oh, about my outpost, I unlocked lvl 3 map, which I put 1,1,3 layout I…
  • I wonder about the "useless defensive stance", is it usefull in outpost? I'm planning to put this legendary survivor in defending outpost for a while. Currently at Silver stage (about 1100) with Lvl 9 survivors (epic scout, rare bruiser, epic hunter). I won against lvl 11 players (from defense log)
  • Ok. Thanks for the info. I got rare shooter with sure shot, Dodge and bullet dodge. Planning to up her into epic.