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  • > @atrainofficial said: > I would like to see something like the Hazard Suit capabilities (All attacks against this survivor have a x% chance to be Body Shots) implemented onto Bullet Dodge so it viable in more missions. Hazard Suit is an Armor Trait and Bullet Dodge would be the Survivor equivalent version of the trait. I…
  • Good point on outposts! I don’t even do outpost raids so I hadnt thought of that. I’d be okay if it was 0% for outposts and 100% for challenges lol It’s just so worthless now and one of my best survivors has it
  • That’s garbage. :|
  • They were banned or temporarily banned
    in Bars ? Comment by wazzujoel January 2018
  • DTP member here and just want to echo Bladgier.... Excellent scores guys!!!! Congratulations on being #1 this week!!!
  • Okay fair enough. You should edit the announcement to make that a little more clear. Cheers
  • In response to the announcement "use in game help to get a refund".... yeah bullshit
  • > @WeekOne said: > Oh my god.... some people really need to get over themselves. There will always be a better player than you. > > You can never always be the best player, even if you think you are. > > Oh the irony. lol.
  • Before 2.4 I was about 450 per week as a f2p player. After 2.4 I have got like 910 and 1000+ but the 1000+ was due to hunter week. I'd say 450 old system equals about 900-950 on new system
  • > @stuffnthangs said: > I also don't use this LLS strategy, even if I could somehow trash my radio tower down a few levels, where would I get the equipment for a level 7-9 survivor? Challenge missions start at lvl14 for me. You can get low level gear by replaying the season 7 missions. Cheers mate
  • @stuffnthangs - I personally got my level 8,9,10 scouts from single radio calls. Although that was before 2.4 and im not sure if the algorithm for new survivors changed in 2.4. If I didn't have LLS then I wouldn't even bother trying to get them.
  • @WeekOne - I fail to see what my guild has anything to do with it. I was a member of Trinity for 9 months and a member of DTP for 3 months. I'm well aware of LLS strategy and before the 2.4 update it was quite the advantage that I regularly used. After 2.4, not worth the hassle. LLS can help on maybe 1/6 or 2/6 maps if you…
  • Helpful tip- if you want low level survivors (note I don't even use mine anymore) then spend radios on the single pull instead of in 5 or 15 chunks. 5 and 15 calls just give high star survivors and with LLS the traits are a total don't care. Note if you waste radios to get LLS, you'll realize quickly that they are not much…
  • @WeekOne - you are arguing for NG to nerf LLS such that it could make the game "fair". LLS do not make the game unfair nor give anyone an advantage; I know because I have one scout each with levels 8/9/10. If you think LLS would give your game an advantage (it won't) then by all means spend big bucks to buy radios and get…
  • @WeekOne - You are right in that I don't know you personally, I'm just basing my comments on all the pro 2.4 discussion you had before the update. I'm not blaming you for 2.4, I'm just saying you were NG's #1 cheerleader on this forum for it... and now you've flip flopped because 2.4 didn't work out in your favor. That's…
  • Lots of uneducated comments here about LLS that clearly don't understand the mechanics of using them. I have one lev 8,9 and 10 scouts and frankly it's rare that I use them as a f2p player. LLS don't make the level easier to pass, actually requires more skill because a max level survivor can take a few hits and still live…
  • This is an excellent update! I think the best part about the update is since they have killed repeatables (unless all 6 are repeatable), now people won't have a reason to purchase gas daily. That's going to save my guild $500 dollars per week minimum. Good job NG for not making game revenue the most important part. It…
  • @Pic - I started playing NML because I played I played Boom Beach with a founding member of Trinity and he hounded me to come play NML. I played with Trinity from February to October and personally still consider them family. In October I left Trinity because promotions to their main guild were not completely based on…
  • A few of my guild mates requested refunds from Apple for the 15 dollars and a gas/XP purchase... the Apple representative was well aware of NG poor reputation and gave them both a $50 dollar refund. So if you bought through Apple, get those refund requests going. Apple is making NG pay
  • From my perspective, feels like the majority of this thread was about the refund. I personally don't think many are as upset about the rebalancing of it. Sure it was an awesome weapon but I'm okay with them rebalancing it.
  • When you and your guild mates take a position on a hot issue that very counter to the vast majority of opinions, then yeah you're going to see a lot of backlash. It would be like if I went onto a pro Clinton message board after the US election and said "losers!!! Yay trump", If I was you I wouldn't be surprised that the…
  • Bringing it back on topic... I've got a great idea! How about NG stops scamming people and returns the 15 dollars to everyone who fell victim to their latest reckonin cash grab?
  • GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that.... recap of this thread for you. You, @kryptonix, and @Helio have pretty much been either trolling or playing devils advocate. I learned a couple pages back that you and @kryptonix are in Conquer. Thus legit question assuming that @Helio is as well...
  • > @Helio said: > The anger in this thread over an issue that was clearly a bug is quite appalling. Clear proof that no, the customer is not always right, and sometimes a company is better off if certain customers leave and never come back. Poorly veiled troll. Keep pretending to be ignorant like you can't possibly figure…
  • I'm new to this forum, and I hardly know anyone nor do I have any personal biases. I joined simply because of how crooked this whole situation was. One thing seems pretty clear to me now... @Shteevie either doesn't know how to make things right with NG customers, or she/he doesn't have the power to make it right and has…
  • > @Shteevie said: > it is not possible to please everyone with the giveaways and specials that we schedule. No one is asking you to please everyone, but by just auto-refunding everyone you will please more people then the current route you are taking. Currently you are pleasing 1%, surely you could do better. What do you…
  • That last line in @walker_say_what 's post is spot on. They (NG reps) have fully admitted it was an error, and they say they just found their error today... great, mistakes happen, refund people. It's pretty simple.
  • @Julialicious - You won't have any luck with google play. When interrupt was nerfed I know many people in two top guilds that got refunds from Apple. Everyone in those same two guilds had no luck with Android. Your best bet is to contact your bank first thing in the morning. Good luck
  • That's kind of you @WeekOne. The problem though isn't that google play doesn't have a support line contact numbers, but that they absolutely refuse to issue any refunds for in game purchases under any condition. their response is "take it up with the game creator". And NG is saying "take it up with google". Basically no…