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  • @Hurricane i agree with your premise about having more attacks or more battles per 8 days but cmon the beta just launched. It’s much better than the release of last GW, I think most would agree it involves more strategy and planning. It is much more…
  • Texting and driving is illegal sir, please fix the header 😆😆😆. Butt Head.
  • Hello and good day NW people. I have a friend named Rene that would like to form a regional team for his country Denmark 🇩🇰. I’m really trying hard to help my friend accomplish his goal of representing his country. I have done so twice for team USA …
  • So grind a month and take a random shit legendary badge vs taking a solid addition? Makes ZERO sense to me. If you want to be lazy and not do the leg work to figure it out or ask about it than yeah continue wasting your investment on bullshit. I res…
  • Merry Christmas @Fluxxx and NML team
  • @ATLAS-Z picture Jeffrey Dean Morgan with that shit eating grin saying “we’re the saviors, we save people” I thought that as I read your comment haha
  • > @Jenng said: > (Image) > > If I was a legendary moderator I wouldn’t apologize for the shit I’m not sorry for. 🤷‍♀️ And I can almost guarantee I wouldn’t be sorry for anything. 😝 It feels so good, to see you be so bad 😂
  • > @ATLAS-Z said: > @xbamfx > > Movement here is being used in reference to a "bowel movement" > > You know... a nice shit? > > Glad I could help. I knew what it meant bro. I just didn’t know whether to…
  • Who will stand against the whole mo f****n world? Who will fight with Negan? Let’s go you crazies!!!!!!!
  • I hate those god damn cats, prissy mfers
  • She don’t mind the grind......oh shit wrong chat.
  • @vshield50 my dude just smile, it’ll all be ok. It’s Christmas time bro, we should be spreading cheer and drinking a mofuckin bottle or Henny hen hen. Celebrate mofo, another year of life. TURN UP
  • > @vshield50 said: > > @xbamfx said: > > > @Cronus said: > > > What's brown and sits on a piano? > > > > > > Beethoven's Last Movement ;) > > > > Unfortunately I don’t know anything …
  • This is classic lol
  • > @Cronus said: > What's brown and sits on a piano? > > Beethoven's Last Movement ;) Unfortunately I don’t know anything about Beethoven so the joke went way over my head lol.
  • Hi @Manselle i got you on Line app now as well but just in case you don’t see it there. I have added your name to the list of players and of course you are welcome to play with us. Due to demand of possibly more than 20 players we will do qualificat…
  • @vshield50 of course you can share it bro! Maybe some players out there don’t make their nation team or maybe just want to try something different and have fun playing! I don’t care if I win or lose. I’ve won in life and lost in life before, I’d rat…
  • > @vshield50 said: > I would like to play and compete @xbamfx. It looks like from the post that it can be any country anywhere. > > I will push hard that week to be #1 no doubt. Let's do this! Absolutely! I will be happy to add y…
  • The red pill
  • It will be mine! Christmas is going to be poop pants city this year mwuahahahaahhahah
  • > @Coolseb said: > > @xbamfx said: > > I’m on iPhone and have had no problem at all, 0, zilch. I keep telling people those android devices are 🗑. > > Why I don't find it surprising from your part 😁😂 > Superiority comp…
  • People watch the ads??? Wtf lol
  • Thanks @Fluxxx that does clear things up really good! So even if we have a player who is scheduled to be with us show up let’s say, Tuesday evening as long as they DO NOT participate in a battle with the guild they are leaving they will be able to p…
  • Gotta love those android devices 😆 soon they will become skynet and take yo ass out! Get to dee choppaaaaa!
  • Thank you everyone, I show these awesome words in line chat for those who aren’t forum junkies haha. We greatly appreciate your support! Thank you again.
  • We have waited this long and I agree rolling out the update prior and working out issues was the safe bet. I’d rather have it after the holidays when it can be the primary focus. It’s been a year a little more patience doesn’t even matter at this po…
  • However be advised no Mavericks guild will merge with you, you all could merge with us and join ranks if you’d like. I just wanted to clarify that so let me know if that’s something you’re open to and I will notify core founders. Thanks
  • As long as it’s something useful it can be used for I’ll have no issue, I put in a lot of time double distance, events, money etc etc accumulating that stash to be prepared for future Wars. I have faith in @Fluxxx to help find an adequate use for th…
  • Hopefully something is sorted soon as android users are getting the pole...