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  • haley, I completely agree with you. I've completed all chapter missions (yes Ch 14 NM took forever, tons of $ and major weapons upgrades - pre-interrupt nerf). With my lvl 20 - 1 pink star survivors, I can stroll through these episode challenges like its nothing (at this point, I try to pick weak survivors to make it…
  • @General_Quatre Took me forever too. I had to upgrade my scout to 22 armor and make sure I was using interrupt well. Also, after you come to the gate, you have to take out that shooter further down the fence pretty quickly. Don't line up your survivors for him or get too close or he'll shoot through all of them. Also,…
  • Made it... 14-5 took me way too many tries probably due to my scout only having a 21 level armor. Had to upgrade traits to first pink star to make it through. And it took a bunch of luck. Devs: 14-6 crashed repeatedly for me right as I was perfecting my interrupt approach technique. Same exact spot and then when the game…
  • Yeah I just did a few of these two. Piece of cake. Thanks! But wow...back to lots of farming.
  • @Camel56, yeah I think you're right. I was keeping survivors that who had a very high max level but in retrospect that's useless cuz you can't level them up and you can't open up their abilities. I'm more set on weapons though. Now my problem is that I have almost no missions left to explore and find characters because…
  • I should add that lately on these levels, I'm only getting level 17 weapons and armor ... which can't be worn my level 16 characters. Useless.
  • I couldn't care less about it being an unfair advantage... Rather, I was planning to get these survivors so I could proceed with completing the story in Nightmare. Maybe its just my build, but I'm stuck at 10-4 nightmare "Blockade" with little hope of getting through until Training Ground 16 or unless I mindlessly try to…