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  • Re: My Terminus is filled by fatties and armored...

    Fatties making things hard? Old news. Freddie Mercury told us all about this back in 1978.
  • Re: Hero week lineup

    Even if it was a couple weeks away, I would have saved my radios. I should be at 1000 by the time the event starts. Been saving since we had the last radio event. (Yes the one that ended early, which we never got compensated for) Hoping to double pink Abe and Sasha. Maybe pink michonne or Maggie too if they're available
    I think some of you guys are missing the point of my post. It's not necessarily that this event is 4 days after the last event (although I'm not too happy about that). It's the fact that plenty of people asked about the timing of these events JUST LAST WEEK so that we could plan accordingly, and they purposely ignored our inquiries. Why? Because then a lot of people wouldn't have spent radios over the weekend, and there would be less need to purchase bundles this week. Again, it's just a slimy tactic. That's what my gripe is.
  • Re: Hero week lineup

    The start of Hero Week tomorrow is just another example of what really chafes my ass about communication from NG. How many people asked last week (myself included) if we could get a rough approximation as to when Hero Week would be? I (and others) just wanted to know if it would be "soon" so we could decide whether to save some radios, and not spend them all on last week's Hero Fest. We got literally no response. So lots of people (myself included - shame on me) spent all their radios, probably thinking we have at least two weeks to save up, and now, bam, Hero Week begins literally 4 days later. I call BS on this. Yes, shame on me for not saving any radios. But shame on NG for clearly planning these events in a methodical fashion to get people to spend their saved up radios - at least a majority of them - last week, so that we would either have to spend money on radio bundles or simply miss out on Hero Week this week. I bought bundles during the last two Hero Weeks, but no way will I do so this time. I tend to be a more stoic person - not terribly positive, yet not terribly negative. But this week, I am finally joining the ranks of those loud complainers who have either quit, or are considering quitting. I've been playing since the first week of November 2015, and I've loved my time with this game, but it is this kind of crap, along with the grind (yeah, I had to throw that in there), the crap rewards, the never-getting-fixed bugs, etc., that has me hanging by a thread.

    And to stay on topic, thanks for the lineup to go along with the announcement, NG. At least the poor communication is consistent.
  • Re: Hero week lineup

    Bro... You knew it was coming. They've made that pretty clear.
    Yes, coming. Not FOUR DAYS after the last event. Plus, as I stated, I did and do take responsibility for my own actions. It's my fault for spending the radios...4 f'ing days ago. But FFS, couldn't they just wait another week? No, they couldn't. And I have to imagine the timing of it was planned, as was the failure to communicate to us in advance. It's slimy.
  • Re: Badges - Official Discussion Thread

    Given the near-unanimous displeasure with the crafting system here on the forums, and the obvious fact that the system is actually aggravating and frustrating so many players, I am simply shocked that something hasn’t been done about this. Psych 101 teaches you that people gravitate towards pleasure and away from pain. With all of the mostly negative feedback from the player base, it should be clear that the recent exodus of long time, legendary players from the game is at least somewhat related to this system that not only fails to give us pleasure, but most of the time actually gives us pain. Somebody at NG is failing to “read the room” big time on this.