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  • Re: What should happen with the disagree button

    I’m almost positive this thread was created due to what I did. I will reaffirm that I was wrong and there is no reason to remove the disagree from the forum.
  • Re: Name change one time only?

    This shouldn’t be funny but it sounds kinda funny.

    *source - I myself have done crazy things also while drinking.
  • Re: What should happen with the disagree button

    The disagree button should remain. There’s no need for it to be removed. Members like myself just need thicker skin :)
  • Re: 2.10 Discussion thread!

    I had a question I wanted to ask here. Just remembered it.

    So if a player has more gas saved than their max, when they come off the booster it’ll go back to what they had.

    Is the same true for players that start gas at 0?

    There’s times, to not waste an ounce of gas, I’ll use up all my gas prior to going on a booster knowing I’ll replenish at full when the gas boost expires. It allows me to prolonge a little bit till the booster starts.

    In 2.10 would it behoove me to go on a gas booster when I’m full as I’ll come off the booster full? Basically if I go on a gas booster with 1 gas, 24 hours later will I be reset to 1 gas?

    Edit to add

    “- Gas Booster
    If a player has more Gas than their maximum Gas Tank capacity at the time of activating a 24-hour Unlimited Gas Booster, this additional Gas will remain available to the player even after the Gas Booster expires.”

    I’m reading it as “if and only if” you have more gas than full you’ll go back to the higher amount. Otherwise still full tank.
  • Re: What should happen with the disagree button

    I will let everyone in on a little secret. Again this is not discussing my situation but just a general informational post. Every reaction positive or negative has a time stamp. Awesome. Agree. Like. Lol. Disagree. Etc. so if you disagree with someone’s post the time stamp is there.

    If you’ve previously disagreed with someone’s post and then re affirm the disagree by pressing disagree again it “bumps” the disagree and bumps the timestamp to the most recent one.

    Let’s suppose you agreed with a post of mine from several months ago and for whatever reason that post is brought up again and you press agree again (not realizing you agreed with it the first time) the timestamp will show the latest agree.

    Time stamps don’t lie. I was wrong. Don’t bump disagrees. Don’t troll people. Don’t abuse the reaction system. Just get thicker skin.