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  • Re: GRAVEYARD OF DEPARTED PLAYERS - for whatever reason....

    @SgtSalami “and on the third day he rose again” lol. I’m gonna stick to spreadsheets this time around :)
  • Re: What should happen with the disagree button

    Also I can’t find it but someone said somewhere @anthony172 was a new member. Not true. He’s been here for a year. Happy anniversary @anthony172

  • Re: Welcome Back DLich!

    I never wanted to leave. I am happy to be back so I can do what I’m best known for.. funny memes. Oh and spreadsheet data too. Lol.

    Seriously though, I will thank @Kaz for allowing me to continue my tenure here with the forums. Also special thanks to @Pain_Walker , who I can attest does not work for NG, for helping to clarify one of the factors that led to my banning. I don’t want to discuss the past, my post about taking a step back was never meant to turn the forum against NG or the mods. I have much respect for the mods and in my interview (link in my signature) I’ll reiterate “I do not envy the job of forum mods”.

    A lot of attention was wasted on me. I am sorry for those who had to waste time on me and my nonsense as well as I’m thankful to those same mods and admins who reinstated me.

    I want harmony on the forums. I want to be a upstanding forum member who contributes what I can to make this community great. I have tons of PMs and notifications to catch up on.

    I also do plan to give my thoughts on Kaz post but want to dedicate a decent amount of time on a good response. In the meantime I’m posting here and there while waiting for gas to replenish.

    Thanks again to everyone, staff, mods, admins and players members for everything the last few days. DLich wants to be here and is thankful to be here still :)
  • Re: Statement on Forums Conduct

    I will share more of my thoughts later but for now could @all change their profile pic back? I want to remove my disagrees from @anthony172 but I can’t tell mine from anyone else’s!
  • Re: Martensite Katana and a Question on Warriors

    For those curious if this is a good deal...

    Breaking down best rate of gold at 14,000 Gold for $100 is equal to $.00714 per gold

    1000 Gold is at best value $7.14 ( 1,000 gold x $.00714 = $7.14)
    100 Warrior tokens is $10.71 (8 tokens for 600 TG's = 75 TG's each x 100 = 7500 TG's @ 500 TG's per 100 gold = 1500 Gold)
    ----- 1500 Gold x $.00714 = $10.71
    20 phones is $7.14 (20 phones x 50 Gold each = 1000 gold x $.00714 = $7.14)

    $7.14 for 1000 Gold
    $10.71 for 100 Warrior Tokens
    $7.14 for 20 Phones

    This bundle is valued at $24.99 + the Martensite Katana. but being offerred for $22.99