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  • Re: Working Together To Repair The Game...NML Guild Council Intent

    @GrimGael anyone can be in this "special club" and this thread isn't meant for just GC members to comment on it was a collective unit.

    This thread typically got the most action when an update is announced or shortly afterwards typically because just like many players that are frustrated individually players decided to come together and try and help NG collectively hear our thoughts.

    I have never seen anyone whom asked for their guild to be represented get turned away.

    You have been on the forums longer than this thread has been around. Surely if you wanted in to the "special club" your acceptance would have been immediate.

    There is no sheisty thing going on simply because there was nothing worth updating this thread about. It was necro'd once 2.6 was announced and @masmith93 immiedietly pointed out those who request representation have a place amongst members.

    I know the powerball lottery exists but I cannot be mad each week when I don't win if I didn't play.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger is the key to this whole game

    @jester began this conversation in December 2015, one of the first posts in off topic. I'd like to continue the convo.

    Let's discuss
  • Re: Ultimate Challenge response - Thanks for all the feedback!


    Let me put it like this:

    You had a better chance at legendary gear.

    But NOT a chance at better legendary gear.

    Note the subtle but significant difference. It all depends on reading and understanding carefully.

    Note: we're talking probabilities not guarantees.
    The game said better chance of gear... gear period... what that means is bronze, silver and gold crates had a better chance of attaining gear than it normally does.

    Nobody should confuse the fact that getting a better chance of gear is equal to getting a better chance of legendary gear. These are two completely different things and it wasn't until AFTER the challenge was over did Shteevie say it was better chance of legendary gear. If I recall nowhere in the forum or game did anyone from NG ever mention "better chance of LEGENDARY gear".

    IMO, a better chance of gear just means gold crates that would normally be 36K xp would be green gear. Better chance of gear. Better chance of gear than usual and more likely to get gear.

    I did find that the last challenge had a better chance at gear.

    Most of my bronze crates had 1 and 2 star gear
    Most of my silver crates had 2 and 3 star gear
    Most of my gold crates had 3 star gear

    I did not find any better chance of legendary gear as that was never ever mentioned anywhere prior to after the challenge ending. Maybe i'm wrong but better chance of gear doesn't mean better chance of legendary gear.
  • Re: Critical Chance vs Critical Damage

    Anyone who has ever played a MMORPH knows that critical chance trumps critical damage.

    It is better to have crit's hit more often than higher crits when they do happen.

    - Source : Diablo 1, 2 & 3

    This game is different in the sense that with unending spawns and the need to kill walkers before they hit you I would say they are both equally important.

    I play the distance on normal mode and in the lower levels it seems my survivors are always critting (when it doesn't really matter). I have no clue what my crit chance is honestly though.
  • Re: Meme of the Day...

    Eagles won't win this year either. Vikings Pats Superbowl