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  • Re: Free Kingdom Spear

    No Badges @afroponix ? Clearly, you're not using her. Even my B team heroes have B team badges by now. A lot of people seem to discount her hero trait, but I find it quite useful in the rare times there are challenge maps geared to melee survivors.

    Not as useful as Jesus, obviously, but nowhere near as useless as some posters seem to believe. She often comes out for me when Jesus is hospitalized for a severe case of pwn-itis.

    For future events, maybe the awesome, impossible-to-get-anywhere-else-without-paying-cash-money weapon reward should be based on actually using the Hero in missions, rather than just collecting tokens.

    I've never been one to complain about getting epic level rewards for things like community events, as I assumed that anything better was not going to be offered due to monetary concerns, but now that NG has opened the door to legendary weapons, I definitely want to be in the running for any future chances.

    I'll reluctantly accept my complete improbability of getting the reward from this current event, but I sure hope they make some adjustments for the next one in order to improve chances for players in my cohort. If they run the same style event with a bunch of heroes I already have at legendary and who are approximately 1,750 tokens away from the next upgrade, I would consider that a very bad move for player relations.
  • Re: Don't ever do this challenge again

    This is the most annoying challenge ever. There are a good 5-6 walkers waiting for you to obliterate with your assault, but they're hiding behind boxes and your asasult hit just one or two max. Then suddenly out of the shadows a grenade-walker pops out and your retaliate hero gets bruised by the damage and now you have to start all over.

    Nextgames, I don't understand why you do this. One step forward, two back. You guys literally can never satisfy your player fully for at least one week, or one day.
    What map are you talking about?

    Also - if you are getting nailed in this way, consider bringing survivors without retaliate or revenge.
    This is by no stretch my favorite set of maps, but there are ways to deal with the complaint you cited.
  • Re: Free Kingdom Spear

    My Carol is already legendary and more than 1000 tokens away from a pink star (something none of my heroes have yet). My panties aren't in a bundle, but it is disappointing to know I have no real chance to get an awesome legendary item, but could have gotten it if I had just refrained from upgrading Carol a few weeks ago.
  • Re: Anyone else having shutdown issues on Android?

    I am having shutdown issues and black screen issues on my old-ish Samsung Galaxy tablet. No more than I noticed after the 2.9 update, but none of it seems to have improved with 2.10. I was really hoping for some fixes based on the messages I got from support and on this forum a while back. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case.Force-quitting, clearing cache and restarting will be my only options for the foreseeable future it seems.
  • Re: If no change to Challenge...

    MUAHAHA. I’m kidding! I totally believe you’re working on it and anything worth keeping takes time but I’m ready for the happily ever after part. :) ;)
    I think many of us are.
    I took 2 days off the challenge this week as I just didn't have the motivation to go back to the current system after 2 weeks of respite. I think I stopped around RSL 25. That still put me above 1000 stars, but at least 5 difficulty levels before where I usually max out if I go full throttle.