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    Thanks man :-)
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    Must be a Christmas event that the intern activated by mistake.
  • Re: Update 2.8: Balancing & Changes - Official Discussion Thread

    If you are changing the wrestler trait, you could give it % damage related to the walker hp instead of survivor base damage. In this manner It would not kill walkers in one turn, and would be much harder for armor with bronze trait, but would still be useful with the golden trait. Would still help in distance, but not that much, since killing a tank in 2-3 turns is already a huge problem.

    A little less extreme change
  • Badge Fragments drop rate unproportionally low compared to other materiais

    NG, can you please check again the badge fragments drop rate. It is too much lower than materials, so you just keep acummulating materials and not being able to do anything with them, since you will be missing the badge fragments.

    From this picture, you can see more than 20 of each type of rare material, but no badge fragment for you to be able to do anything with them.

    In a few months I can bet there will be a lot of people with more than 99 of each material (common, uncommon and rare) , but without fragments at all. I believe this was not intended.

  • Sugestions Regarding Outpost Cycles and Survivor Display Status

    Guys, I have 2 sugestions to the game, described bellow:

    1) The first one is related to outpost rewards. No the imediate reward for raiding one single outpost, but the end of cycle rewards.
    In my opinion, the actual rewards are kinda low when you have to take account how much effort you need to put to get to higher influence levels.

    I believe most of people are just farming the outposts to get the TG rewards. And I also believe that most of the time they are not even caring about fighting the defendind survivors. Most people just do not care about the influence, since it takes severe hospital time to actually go high in cycle rewards, and the value of these rewards can be easily compensated by a few TG farming runs. Sometimes you don´t even need to spend more than 1 full tank of gas to outscore the reward from an outpost cycle (depending on your influence level, of course).

    In this manner, with the introduction of badges, we could actually have a solution to this problem. We could stimulate actual fighting in outposts, with ppl actually caring about influence level. You can just give badge material or badge fragments as rewards for outsposts cycles.

    For the lower levels, where your influencie level is not reset, you could keep rewards as is or give cheap rewards, like uncommon and rare materials, but for the hard to get influence level, you could give the rarer badge fragments. For example:

    1 rare fragments for 6k influence level
    1 epic fragments for 7k influence level
    2 epic fragments for 8k influence level
    1 legendary fragment for 9k Influence level
    2 legendary fragments for master level

    If you want to make the pvp even more interesting, you could make some unique badges from components obtained from outposts, like dodge or piercing badges.

    2) The other sugestion relates to survivor status. With the badges, there are many variables that influence critical chance, damage reduction, etc.
    It became hard for you to calculate how much critical % you have, for example.
    You could make it easier for us and actually SHOW this data in the survivor status screen. You could post a new tab behind the badge one and post information like this:

    Total Critical Chance (Standing) : 85%
    Total Critical Chance (Moving): 40%
    Total Dodge Chance : 55%
    Total Damage Reduction: 42%

    Something like this. Not sure if this information is influenced by walker level being attacked, so I don´t know if these percentages would be flat, but more information for us to acctually know in whats trait we should invest more would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry if my english is not very good. Its not my native language, but even so, I believe my sugestion can been understood ok.